Sunday, October 4, 2009

Main Screen Turn On!!

Well, this piece of karp was supposed to be named something more like "Pressure Drop," owing back to an old name I wanted to call my Nerf gun modding website way back when (as user "Zero Talent"... Ugh), and lending itself to the idea that I'm utilizing this site as a method to get rid of "braincrack" qua built up mental pressure... But it's probably just going to become overrun with half-baked plans, emo, and excessive ellipses... ... ...

Aside from that, here's a picture of my camera's guts taking a picture of its own shell as I repair it in my hotel room prior to PAX 2009:

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  1. So, I'm not sure I like how images are posted, or how they are edited... Kind of lost my cursor on the edit post page after I inserted the image. Really annoying. Plus, I could use some snazzy borders... Later, I guess. It's what I get for not shelling out for a real website.